Ladies Choice Victoria

is an

online dating service

with a twist: only women can initiate contact.

This means more choice for women, and less wasted time for men.

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Good for Her

Looking for a discreet way to meet men you like in Victoria?

On LadiesChoiceVictoria, only women can initiate contact, and your profile is only visible to men you've contacted. This means you can spend more time getting to know guys you’re actually interested in.

I am a woman, that sounds great!

Good for Him

You're a great guy. So why waste time on women who aren't interested in you?

On LadiesChoiceVictoria, we provide an efficient way for you to meet women in Victoria who are interested in you. You've got a lot to offer and they'll see that.

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And Local, Too!

Want to date someone in Esquimalt? No more wondering whether your match lives in your city — On LadiesChoiceVictoria, you can pick your matches by neighbourhood!.

This site is, and will always be, a wholly Victorian experience. We're even from Victoria, if you can imagine.

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